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released June 3, 2014

Written by And I, the Lion.
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Andrew Goldring at Soundcave Productions.
Album artwork photo by Kesler Ottley.
Layout by Matthew McCullough.

And I, the Lion is:

Tyler Reese
John Hoang
Andrew Scheier
Ken Vallejos
Matthew McCullough



all rights reserved


And I, The Lion Salt Lake City, Utah

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Track Name: Pavant
I saw a reflection, a self I once was, a ghost from a grave long left torn and lonely. We will find more than statues and pillars, erections, memories and monuments to our past selves; all fades away
Broken glass, frames left hanging, five years bad luck. These walls were torn, I'm left naked, frail frame on frame, I'm left hanging.
I never thought I'd see these walls so empty;
Or is it just me?
Track Name: Exorcisms
I think there's something growing inside my head.
I'm scared there's nothing left that can be said,
but I'll keep asking for it.

I need an exorcism, please take these thoughts from my head.

What will it take to keep these thoughts from entering my head?
What will take to wake me up and get me out of bed?
What will it take to keep me breathing slowly?
750 miles of trying to clear my head, 750 miles or sleeping in strange beds, 750 miles and i'm still healing.

I need an exorcism.
Track Name: Under the Sky So Blue
Disposition shaky hands, tired eyes and hearts not far behind.
Everything is burning down like beliefs we held strong, and places we left behind.
When the smoke clears, will we still stand? Will the starts still shine?
Will our home still be our homes, or did we lose ourselves in the last embers light?
Way up high, the things we believed, believe in a lullaby.
Cut the head off the king and the kingdom is ruins. Our health is waining so much,
but we can't pick it up.

Writing words my mouth's afraid to say.
Copacetic, i'm pathetic, romanticize and wash away.
There is no golden age, no time to stay, the past is in the past, the present here. And the future, it walks away.

And you can never get it back. You can never take it back.

I remember songs my mother used to sing to me about blue birds and rainbows and wishing up stars.
My troubles never seem to melt away no matter what I sing.
We all wish upon stars but our dreams don't come true.
I see skies of blue but there's nothing way up high.